All Day Outfitters Brand Collaterals

One of the things that I like from studying fashion marketing and management is that not only I get to come up with a business concept but I get to create creative visuals and collaterals as a part of the project. 

These are some collaterals I made for ALL DAY OUTFITTERS- a brand I made for brand management course in advanced diploma. 

The project brief : Create a sub-brand for an existing brand from Singapore. .


ALL DAY OUTFITTERS s is a young and playful streetwear inspired apparel brand. 

We created ALL DAY OUTFITTERS  as a sub-brand from Charles and Keith, targeting teenage girls in Singapore. 

The pictures with polkadot background was taken by the group members in the yayoi kusama exhibition (@ National Gallery Singapore), the brand collaterals are made by me (hanna bella) using mock-ups.