Graphics for ethical fashion label Paradigm Shift

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hanna for paradigm shift

Model: Felicia Koay

Photography : Audris Adabella Queck & Justin Ong

Words by : Rystine Tan, Sheryl Foo, Audris Adabella Queck,


I met the owner of Paradigm Shift, Audris, in a small bazaar held in celebration of the first launch of Alesce Magazine late last year. I held on to her card because she was a very kind and a passionate business owner. She was firm in her vision to create an ethical fashion brand that beats trends, and focuses more on functionality and ethicality.

Some months later I interviewed her for my project. Out of gratitude and also a personal pull towards her brand’s personality, I offered to help with digital content creations should she have any need.

In my term break, the collaboration happened. She told me she wanted me to make three graphics, from the photos she take, to accompany three different poems for her brand’s blog.

She began giving me some examples for the looks of the graphics, which were clearly and thankfully my style so I was excited about it. Audris was very inspiring in her clear communication and her speed and grace when replying me. I learnt a lot from doing a project via whatsapp and internet with her.

The first graphic was a breeze to make but after that I experienced difficulty when editing the second and third graphics because the photos were saturated and darker than the first one but after struggling, I think the second picture is now one of my most favorite edits so far.

I loved that I did some experiments with the placement of text and making background and incorporating small illustration elements (from Creative Market) to the edits.

Hanna Bella