Behind-The-Scenes photography for a magazine editorial shoot (used for social media)

In the holiday, I seeked out to be a part of a local magazine, Alesce even for just one day. I offered to be a help or a shadow for both their photoshoot as well as editorial meeting. When I was in the shoot, other than helping with logistics, I offered to be the behind the scenes photographer for the team to capture their process. I knew they did not have that documentation with their previous edition because everybody was very busy. I ended up really enjoying the process albeit very tiring to try to be engaged creatively and physically for the whole day. You can read more about my experience as a part of the local magazine here .

When I sent them my photos to the head of the creative team, Amanda liked them and they ended up using some for social media purposes. Here are my shots from that day:

Hanna Bellaphotography