Instagram captions for @digitalfashionweek and @dfw_creative

I have mentioned before how often I volunteer for Digital Fashion Week. This time, instead of volunteering for their events, I am volunteering to make captions for a number of their Instagram captions (@digitalfashionweek) as well as the digital marketing agency’s instagram side (@dfw_creative) from the month of July to September 2018.


I counted and there are more about 40 posts with my captions.

Not all of them are good but writing all of them was a learning process. I did some caption writing for Benjamin Barker in my internship before, and it was a totally different process. This is because the kind of captions I did for Digital Fashion Week and DFW Creative are mostly about three things : Paris Fashion Week highlights recap, Rising Fashion event recap and description of brand who were participating for Rising Fashion.

@digitalfashionweek and @dfw_creative have different tone, and I was more comfortable writing for the @dfw_creative (the marketing agency account) more because my writing is naturally more serious and factual rather than bright and cheery and exciting which is the usual tone of @digitalfashionweek. That being said, I still loved talking about the fashion show recap for @digitalfashionweek.

Having made these captions, I also realise how hard is it to do copywriting, even for social media. As my dream is a to have a fashion business, I will be the one in charge of my business’ online presence. In the start of the business, I will be the one who is responsible to catch people’s attention with my content so I am interested to do more of this in my college year to better myself (and get ready!) I also want to explore different kinds of writing such as writing content for a brand’s blog , or about page of a brand, etc.

I would have loved to have the control over the visual edit of the posts but since it was not possible, I found that opportunity elsewhere! I had another project where I did an Instagram feed for one of the Indonesian brands being a part of Rising Fashion.

Hanna Bella