Raffles Divergence Photography


In our advanced diploma module, Fashion Coordination, students are tasked to plan and execute a fashion show. Usually, the fashion marketing students would make a showcase for fashion design degree student. Every batch has different unique ideas for their events. This time, the fashion marketing students did a fashion tea soiree with the name “Divergence” at Funan Showsuite.

I volunteered to be a photographer for the show. I ended up not only taking pictures of gorgeous clothes and guests, munching on good food but also catching up with my friends, lecturers and making more friends. Fun night!


I have attended a few of my seniors’ events for Fashion Coordination module. One time I was a backstage dresser and another time I was just a guest. This time I was a photographer for my juniors. I liked photographing a fashion event, so, it did not take much for me to be on board.

Not unlike Fashion Coordination module, my class has to come up with an event for next semester. I am not sure what we are doing yet, but I am taking note from this event that that my future event should include good lighting for the nice pictures and good food and beverages can keep people happy !

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