Instagram feed graphics proposal for @d.tale

D.Tale is an Indonesian womenswear brand selling modern clothing incorporating minimal designs and interpretations of masculine silhouettes.

I knew D.Tale when I volunteered for Rising Fashion event by Digital Fashion Week. D.Tale was one of the brands brought over to Singapore for the month long pop-up event. I met the founding sisters of the brand- Jasmine and Kristalia Darwin. I had a nice chat with them and I expressed my affection for their designs and the overall aesthetics.


When I saw their recap posts of Rising Fashion. It looked minimal, like the branding but I thought they could do with an improvement, so, I made some proposals for the instagram feed.


This one is a more elaborate and fun feed I proposed.

My consideration was that I wanted every post to be eye-catching and interesting when it is seen individually when the followers are scrolling through their feeds, while making the feed look put together when seen from the profile page.

I chose the color black and white effect for the photos and light blue color accent from their logo colors.

What I tried to highlight in the feed are the times D.Tale pieces were used in the mini fashion shows in Rising Fashion, the fact that D.Tale designers came down to the Rising Fashion event in Singapore themselves, and that the Indonesian Foreign Minister H.E Retno Marsudi was present and gave a welcoming speech, and that both Harper’s Bazaar Singapore and wrote about D.tale.


This is a more minimalistic version of the previous proposal. With this, I used the same colors and photos, but there are more “breathing room” in how the feed looks. D.Tale says it targets professional young women, so I wanted the feed to look dynamic and more lively than their original feed. Since the design is not continuous from one post to another, there is also a room for a post that might need to be uploaded and break up the original feed, but will not disrupt the flow so much.

Having done these two options, I realised how much I liked designing instagram feed! I like choosing what to highlight in the feed, and thinking about what design elements can represent the brand and hold the feed together.

I had proposed these to the brand and I am waiting for their feedback .

Hanna Bella