Tote Bag Designs for Ann Siang House

My class had quite a few of competitions going on this semester. One of those is to design a totebag for a new Singaporean boutique hotel called Ann Siang House.  This was really fun as this competition was pushing my creative side but still keeping a marketing goal and mindset. In other words, perfect balance of what I like doing. 

Ann SIang House was looking for a design for totebags that they would give away to the hotel guests. We had one week to come up with one design to submit. 

For inspirations, I went to check out the website and published articles to know more about the identity of the hotel. I also tried photos of the hotel and its indoor vibes of the hotel. I read and saw (through the internet) that throughout the hotel spaces, there were artworks inspired by Ann Siang Hills and Singaporean heritage, and there are design details such as a mix of colors in the shapes on the pieces of furniture and hallways. 

My friends Fon, SIska and I decided to head down to the hotel ourselves to see the location and we were also able to interview the hotel staff about the target market of the hotel. He was saying that the rooms in the hotels had different decorations and the spaces were made to have a personal and artistic touch as if they were nice spaces at home. 

At first I wanted to make an illustration of the hotel or go minimalistic with the use of typography of the name of the hotel as both were classic ideas for a hotel freebie. 

However, I had a moment when I realised I was taking the design idea too literally, so I zoomed out and tried to find other angles. 

From this, I came with these designs. 

From these designs, I decided to turn in final two designs. 

This was the first design I made. I was inspired by the fact that the house is located on a hill. This design is minimal and direct but not 100% touristy (in my view) 



I tried to look from the other side and ask "What kind of tote bags from a hotel I would be happy to keep and reuse  afterwards?" The answer is minimal. I might it to be fun but I do not want to look like an advertising. So I wanted the design to be more subtle in terms of the hotel branding. 


The use of the color was inspired by the colors of the hotel. The blues of the hotel, the yellow of the logo and green as a mix of both, a completing piece for my symbol of threes.

I noticed that Ann Siang House - tha hotel's name, Ann Siang Hill - the location, Stay, Dine, Explore - the tagline, they always come in threes, so I put in the three colors as elements that draw the attention to the tote bag.

On the top is the tagline of the hotel. On the bottom is the address of the hotel.

Behind the three shapes, there is a yellow rectangular made of the words Ann Siang House! When you pay attention to the tote bag, you can read and be reminded that the tote bag is from Ann Siang House so it's a subtler branding. 

SInce the guests are surrounded by artworks and design elements when they were staying in Ann Siang House, I thought it would be cool to let the guest bring home a more creative tote bag rather than a straight up hotel souvenir looking tote bag. 

I was very self-conscious about designing these tote bags, because although I like the idea of designing, I think my design skills still need a lot of improvements. I am pretty proud of my final designs though. I would wear those totebags myself haha.

The submission the tote bag has been a while ago, but there is no update yet, but fingers crossed.

Hanna Belladegree, design, competition