Video Campaign Idea for DR's Secret Skincare (Idea/mock-up)

DR’s Secret is a skincare brand that is more popular in east Asia such as Taiwan and China. Their approach of beauty if confidence in bare skin. They recently engaged Singaporean influencers I follow such as Saffron @saffronsharpe and Brenda @wordweed. They do skincare routine and updates on their insta stories with the campaign hashtag #OpenSecret.

I thought this was interesting that the brand is doing such campaign because DR’s Secret is usually sold using MLM (Multi-level marketing) and they care more about people’s testimonies, with photos of before after than campaign marketing.

I decided to make a storyboard for the video campaign. I am never in contact with the brand or influencers so this is a mock up project.

@drssecretofficial typical product / branding photos

Some royalty free photos that illustrates the brand images as well

DR’s Secret’s branding is clean and minimal, which I like. It was not hard to imagine the story and the color and flow of the video. After looking at the various instagrams under the name DR’s Secret, I came up with a storyline for #OpenSecret and dared to propose a more cinematic look for the campaign video

At first I looked up some videos to benchmark. I looked to my favorite skincare brand, Glossier, I sampled how casual and friendly their videos are. Other than that, I looked at SKII’s video as their campaign is similar, and Harper’s Bazaar video with Chriselle LIm as she is the ideal image for DR’s Secret’s ambassador.

video ideas.jpg

Here I also came up with a possible shooting location and wardrobe options.


Story boarding is actually something that I enjoyed doing because I am imaginative. I also really liked small crucial touches like wardrobe choices that will complement the vibe and color of the video.

I do realise that having screenshots from different videos is not a very ideal way to show my vision, so I will learn other alternatives for future storyboarding activities.

Hanna Bella