Content planning and editing for a fashion stylist

I met a fashion stylist, Azawi David, in Rising Fashion event last semester as he was helping with the retail side of the 30 day po-up store at Paragon. I realised over the years, I would meet him when I volunteered for fashion shows in Singapore but never approach him because, as a rule, people in fashion seem unapproachable. However, upon meeting him on a more casual circumstances, i discovered his charm, passion for what he is doing and most of all, humility.

Azawi has been a champion for supporting Asian designers in his styling. He oftens goes to event or abroad to show his support for them. He goes by Divonista as his stylist persona and on instagram. This semester, I am helping him to plan and edit his instagram story highlights.

What I like about him is that he knew what he wanted but open enough to let me try a couple of things I wanted. I was also surprised when he handed me his flash disk full of photos because, WOW, not only he keeps so much content but he is very organised. I , on the contrary, would shake my own head when I look at the way I save my files. He’s extremely patient with me as he knows my schedule as a student, but I am glad he took a chance on me.

Here are some edits I made for different categories of his content plan. I curated and edited the layout and graphics, and branding for each category.


This is a collection of moments in fashion or life that Azawi wants to share and highlight so I wanted a consistent design element and a space for him to have text, either explaining about the location and time of the moment, or a quote to go along with the picture.


Knowing that he attends so many fashion shows, I want to separate the fashion shows by having different typography label for each fashion show, and this was what I made for Digital Fashion Week Jakarta 2018


RAAD is more editorial, and focuses on the photo instead of text because this is where he showcases his styling. I had the idea to have the stories to spell RAAD with each series of styling he does.

I would like to tell you more, but since Azawi himself has not released the content so I cannot spill all wonderful beans now. Watch Azawi’s space @divonsta instead okay? ;)

Hanna Bella