Behind my first crowd-funding campaign ever

As a millennial, I am quite familiar with the idea of crowd funding via internet platforms. It is a non-traditional way of asking people to help make a project become reality, enticing them with the product idea, asking them to help at the starting point, instead of marketing a ready product. 

 I have seen them around for different purpose, like a beautiful book I know “Goodnight stories for rebel girls” started out as a campaign on kickstarter, while an Instagram artist that I knew recently is about to publish a book with the help of indiegogo campaign. The other crowdfunding I know of probably more than campaigns is Patreon, where people can fund artists, content creators they like monthly by pledging certain amount of money John and Hank Green’s podcast in , Frannerd, where they also offer special content and livestreaming exclusively with patreon backers..

For my crowd-funding campaign, I used kickstarter because it seems to be more known in Singapore, as there is even a company that curates and facilitates successful kickstarter campaign from Singapore. 

I also knew the founder of Paradigm Shift who started their fashion business by doing a kickstarter funding for her first collection. Since I was tasked to make a crowdfunding campaign for my final project brand initiative, I went to her to see how I can approach kickstarter, learning from her. 

My brand is REI Sustainable Activewear offering stylish multi-functional activewear pieces made from eco-friendly material.

I had to set my goal, my brand story, my rewards. My goal for the kickstarter campaign was to SGD15,000. The money will be used to fund my travel to do research and sampling of my first collection. The goal also took into account the cost of rewards I offer, as well as the fees for kickstarter. 

I had a photoshoot and a video to help my story became more visual therefore interesting and powerful when selling an idea. I highlighted the USP product which is the front zip bra, which is made for ease, made from eco-friendly ECONYL, how it can be used for different types of workout, it also doubles as crop-top to be worn outside of workout. 

I could not offer the products from my brand for reward because the money will be for sampling , not the full scale production. Instead, I offered products that bring value to people who are interested in the idea of the brand such as reusable coffee cup, clean skincare kit, brand merchandise such as tote-bag, posters, and zine about the story behind the brand.  

After going through fairly easy process, I had my project live. 

From Audris, the founder of Paradigm Shift, I learnt to highlight USP and made my campaign concise because people’s attention span is short, but I could not build a hype, which Audris did by sharing the behind-the-scenes of her brand’s production due to time constraints. She also said people would be more inclined to support if they could get the products we talk about instead of expecting them to invest in purely the idea, and get other things for rewards. 

A lot of factors made the campaign unsuccessful. But I wasn’t disappointed. It was a really good learning process for me, to get to know the platform should I use it in the future.

Check out the campaign here :

REI Sustainable Activewear Kickstarter

Hanna Bella