Adobe says my creative type is the thinker

Adobe Create Magazine released a project called mycreativetype which is essentially an interactive creative project in form of personality quiz. The questions are paired with colorful reactive creative videos, and every personality has a creative symbol/embodiment. 

It was immediately popular as I saw it approximately four times by people I follow on Instagram story before deciding, I, too, should find what Adobe says my creative type is. It’s different than the usual personality test, especially since I was aware it was a creative project, I approached it like a buzzfeed quiz, it was refreshing though, how abstract and not on the nose the creative designs and personalities are. (Unlike 16personalities MBTI) 

There are eight creative types: The Maker, The Thinker, The Adventurer, The Artist, The Dreamer, The Visionary, The Innovator, The Producer.

I was not at all surprised my creative type is The Thinker (I wonder how relatable the other type’s descriptions are to me, for this blog post, let’s just dive in on the thinker)

My Creative Type : The Thinker

My Creative Type : The Thinker

It says  I am introspective and analytical. You can see the big picture and the deeper meaning of almost any situation. Engages a lot and often with my “inner world of ideas”  , which truly reflects how I think.

My creative strengths are intellectual curiosity, ability to find and create meaning.

Untapped potential : Bridging theory and practice, applying ideas in real life.

Ideal Collaborator : Adventurer

Who has playful spirit and remind me to embrace the joys of creation and not be afraid to get my hands a little dirty in the process. 

Biggest challenge? Getting out of my head and learning to balance theory with practice.

It’s spot on, and it’s good to know more about myself. Employers probably need to find people who know their strengths and self aware, even with their challenges. I talked to a senior of mine who is trying to move to another job, and before the interview, they actually asked her to fill out MBTI (16personalities) quiz and talked about it in the interview!

Besides enjoying it personally, I was also fascinated by the making of the project as a fashion marketer

Mycreativetype was a collaboration between a writer, videographer, 3D artist, sensory designers, and web designers. 

It was a really creative content marketing for create magazine, because it was a creative collaboration, that attracts people, gives value. It’s a great portfolio that is associated in a big platform such as adobe and the people who use and hold them in good regard. 

Hanna Bella