Tilt Athleisure Pop-Up


Just at the end of last semester, I seized a volunteering opportunity to assist a pop-up for Singapore local brand Tilt Athleisure at a barre studio opening. The event was in collaboration with Classpass and took place on a Saturday.  

I went there to gain experience but to also help myself with my project by observing and talking to the people at the event. 

In this pop-up, I assisted the owner, Anja, to do the set-up, sales and payment. 

Trusting my judgement, I ended up making a few adjustments to the visual merchandising placement, and placing the lookbooks on different locations to get people‚Äôs attention, and suggesting to retrieve more stock to the pop up instead of directing people to online shopping when some items sold out. 

It a thankfully very warm and welcoming environment so I never got bored. Anja as well as the event goers were also very welcome with my questions. 

At one point I ended up connecting with the owner of a new local skincare brand, representative of classpass and the owner of the barre studio.

It was definitely a good help for my project to see the process of selling and engaging people.


Tilt Athleisure is a Singaporean brand that focuses on getting luxury fabric for activewear that gets you from gym to drinks, or work to sweat sessions.

Classpass is a membership programme that lets you to different classes and gym per passes/credit in your account.

Barre2Barre is a studio that teaches BarreAmped techniques in its classes, combining the strength workout and sometimes yoga and pilates.

This event took place at Barre2Barre newly opened Nanking Row.

Hanna Bella