Worn Stories : Seoul

I went to Seoul in late February for Global Experience trip where we learn about the fashion market in Seoul and experience the street, luxury, multi-brand and individual unique retail fashion experiences. It was a memorable and inspiring trips, but instead of talking about the trips, I am going to focus on what I wore while being there.

For this post, I am truly inspired by Emily Spivack who wrote Worn Stories, I, too, believe that the things we wear have stories they carry.


L O O K 1

Coat : Urban Revivo

Hoodie : Risa Rodil merchandise

Pants : Uniqlo

Shoes : Nike


It was my first winter and a five day trip with my classmates, therefore, I was nervous and excited about keeping my body warm and making sure it looks good because I knew we were going to take a constellation of photos to remember the trip by.

I am often seen in navy blue, I can go out for two weeks only in different navy clothing,


L O O K 2

Blazer : Hongdae street find

Hoodie: CatCreature merchandise

Pants : Uniqlo

Shoes : NIke

Hanna Bella