Volunteering for Eco-bank

Eco-bank is an annual effort to reduce waste that would usually go to landfill. Instead, volunteers collect secondhand items, and curate the items, to be sorted then to be sold (where the profit goes to benefit children in need) and then the rest are benefited to an organisation that will distribute the items to 3rd world country. 

Our class volunteered for two different occasions for EcoBank. First we volunteered for the sorting of collected fashion items. When I saw the mountain of items, it really made me think about the items I have and how much thought I put when I bought it, how long I was gonna use it and where it goes AFTER I used it. 

We volunteered again, this time to be seller and roving stylists at the Ecobank Bazaar at City Square Mall. 

The minister of environment water resource, the honored Ms. Khor was there to talk about how there is only one landfill in Singapore and we should think more about the 3 Rs especially how to make a thing last long before going into the landfill and recycle right. 

My classmates were happy and welcoming to Ms. Khor

My classmates were happy and welcoming to Ms. Khor


There was a also a fashion show for upcycled outfits by The Fashion Pulpit, modeled by eco champions. The pieces include upcycled denim pieces and dresses.

It makes me appreciate all the manual labor that went into collecting, curating, selling, and dealing with the items on behalf of the singaporeans so that they don’t end up being in the landfill.

I think for my homework, I should also think more about how to prolong items before throwing them away and preventing from buying things that only last for very short while 

Hanna Bella