fashion business podcasts : Listening from the industry insiders

How do you know if you are going to be okay? How do you which way to go? How do you know what other people are doing? If you have these questions as fashion business student or fashion start-up owner, the answer is to listen to experts and people who have gone through your stage. Additionally, if you just want to know how it feels like to run a fashion or lifestyle business or the lives of the people in fashion industry, this list is also good for you:


THE ones i’m always looking forward listening to



Second Life is a podcast that explores people in fashion and business who had to have a detour or start new therefore second life.

My favorite episodes are when she interviewed: Eva Chen, Outdoor Voices’ Founder and CEO Ty Haney, Revolve brand officer Raissa Gerona and Aimee Song.

Compared to Glossy Podcast, this podcast inspire through more of a personal narrative, based on experience ,and introspective.

The episodes in this episode not only gave me insights to how these people started, changed, and continued their careers but also gave me the sense that if life doesn’t turn out to be the way you wanted, does not mean you are going to enjoy it or end up where you feel like you would belong.

Check Second Life podcast here (Spotify) :


The glossy podcast

Glossy podcast explores the impact of technology on fashion and luxury brands.

The profiles interviewed include designer Mara Hoffman, owner of Reformation Yael Aflalo, StitchFIx CEO Katrina Lake, Glossier COO Henry David.

While Second Life focuses on personal journey of people in fashion business, The Glossy Podcast interview representatives of brands, discussing about topics like previous strategies, perspectives and reactions to trends in the industry.

This one give the same feel and knowledge like listening to a seminar or panel discussion for free! They have many episodes with brands with different personalities, categories, and approaches to business so the breadth expands our knowledge.

Check The Glossy Podcast out here: (Spotify)


The ones for more

the one more than about fashion



Unfinished Biz is a podcast by Robyn and Wayne who are investors a in venture capital. They talk with people from different categories of business from blogging and media (Man Repeller), beauty and cosmetics (Drunk Elephant, e.l.f , Kosas Cosmetics) to food and beverage like Halotop, and the popular mattress company Casper.

Check them out here

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I am only personally recommending these as I listen to them the most regular, but if you like these and want to find something similar, you can listen to these podcastz

Business of Fashion, The Rolemodels Podcast, OfficeHours with College Fashionista, Girlboss radio

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