Fantastic books and where to find them in Seoul


This one is a quick guide for those who love design books! Enjoy !




50 Apgujeong-ro 46-gil ,sinsa-dong, GANGNAM-gu, SEOUL

Nestled on the thrid floor of the relaxing and unique Queenmama Market, you might come into PARRK with an unbeatable state of mind, ready to be filled with nourishing information, wonder of fiction, or more useful knowledge in fields you are passionate about. It was clear that they target folks who care about design here in PARRK - the cool crowd, who might want to pick up a heartwarming graphic novel but also want to be inspired by interior design books. They offer books in Korean and English language.


Maison Kitty Bunny Pony


 33-16 Worldcupno 5-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Maison Kitty Bunny Pony sell mainly design books. Located in a serene street in Mapo-Gul, you can stay here and be inspired by the space as well as the books. Interestingly, how they curate the design books were quite simple, the designers and owner of the fabric and homeware store, simply put the inspirations behind their designs and the books they like in their bookstore!


Still Books


35 Daesagwan-ro, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Still books may look small from the front but this bookstore is four stories high. It was divided to four stories. They have a range of collection from fiction, design, philosophy. There are books in Korean and English. Since this bookstore is owned by the publisher of B Magazine, get the English version of B magazine here cheaper! This place was really calming, but invigorating, and yes, it was an ideal place to be introverting. I like that they have their own minimal and cute merchandise to the fans of the bookstore, and they have walls of curated selections on every floor. Escape the bustle of the city for a while here, be a human sponge, leave with a heavy and contented sigh like I did.

Hanna Bella