Being a fangirl was a practice as a digital marketer?

Before I knew anything about digital marketing, like engagement and content creation, I was already an admin of a Taylor Swift’s fanpage where I was producing photo edits, giving out updates on what Taylor was up to, engaging people by asking people on their opinions and had games complete with fan rewards and going through the process of selecting admin to pass the page to.

The Taylor Swift fandom was the bright, brilliant and fun community that inspired me to explore photo and graphic editing. The first photoshop project I did was probably a Taylor Swift edit. I moved on from editing pictures for the page and uploading it to the internet, to editing graphics to print on mugs. (I had six and cherished them so much)

These are the graphics I did when I was 13? 14? I was very proud of them.

Back then, nobody encouraged me to do edits, but it felt very natural for me to create for and from a subject that I was absolutely obsessed with. From the creation, came the sharing, and came the engagement with fellow fans. Little did I know, years later, as a college student, studying fashion marketing, all the experience I had with being an admin for a fanpage came into use, because social media is now being used for engaging with customers, and creative content are needed and I had practice from when I was extremely bored and devoted to Taylor Swift.

If my future job as a digital marketer or social media executive makes me feel even a little bit like I did when I was managing the fanpage, then I would be okay.

Screenshot 2019-05-29 01.37.52.png

These are my graphics today. Funnily, it took me way longer to edit those graphics from before, than these two above. Practice does make perfect (or at least WAY less tacky)

Hanna Bella