Fashion Artisan Week 2018 @ Alliance Francaise

Pauline Brosset
Hat making workshop.jpeg

Fashion Artisan Week is a three day celebration of French fashion and art at Alliance Francaise in Singapore. There were workshops and film screenings as part of the activities. 

I checked out the workshop for hat making with Pauline Brosset. With a rather small class of people, I learnt a little bit of hatmaking from Pauline, pressing strawhat to a head mold to create the perfect shape. Pauline is the first and only hatmaker that I have encountered. She was trained by Fernand Sebbah, who was previously a director for custom-made Lanvin hat department

In real life she was friendly and focused. To have someone like her to go through this new experience made me feel lucky. 

From the workshop I realised that hat making requires strength, precision and a passion. I tried to be more into the ironing of the hat and the whole process but I think it’s not my kind of craft. It was a good experience though.

After the workshop, I went out for a quick  meal in Orchard area and came back for the second half of the activities I’d signed up for which was to watch two fashion movies.


The first was the hidden sketches of Christian Dior. I had known that he was an incredible creator for fashion in his time, always dictating the silhoutte and hemline and really being the trendsetter, and people love him, but it wasn’t clear to me how dedicated he was to his work and how much he was surrounded and people who are as passionate about craft and fashion as him. 

The second movie was about the . It was incredibly exciting for me because not too long into the movie, I realised they were telling the behind the scenes for the fashion show for 2016. 

Well, 2016 was the year of my enrollment to my fashion major in college, so it was also THE year I really paid attention to the runway and the trends and the designers and brand, all the things. 

I got excited when I recognise the pieces and the designs, maybe I might have referenced them in my reports that year and the year after. 

Reflecting on this activities,

I realised I felt more present and alive and curious when I was watching the movies than when I was in the hat making workshop. I think i deal with ideas better than hands on activities.


It’s three years after the filmed shows, things are already so different. Karl passed away, and many designers have switched places between brands. It reminds me that fashion changes and moves at an extreme pace,and always forward. If I want to be in fashion industry, I have to be expect change and be flexible. I wonder if I’m ready for that. Sometimes I get frustrated but so far with the experience I had throughout the years in college, I had been just fine in the end, weaved and pushed through hardships and took something from every change or event or project. I think it’s a good sign.

Hanna Bella