I was involved in Tiffany & Co's training for the new Paper Flowers collection!

 Tiffany & Co collaborated my campus Raffles College of Higher Education to hold an internal competition among the International Fashion Business students to come up with innovative training ideas related to the launch of Paper Flowers Collection. 

This was a very different competition than what I had done in the past. It made me nervous coming up with the ideas with my team as we had very limited experience with training in retail, let alone, for a big luxury brand name Tiffany & Co.

Because of that, my team did our research by going online, by asking people who have received training before, but the key research for us was to come down to an actual Tiffany & Co outlet, and talked to the staff.

I went down with my team mate Siska to Tiffany & Co at ION. It was my first time going into the store, and I was awed by the thoughtfulness of the store and the staff of the needs of their customers. I felt very well received and they did not look down on me even though I was just a student asking them questions to help ME with MY project. We asked the staff in the store what were their training before like, and what are their wishes for a better training. From that information stemmed my group’s ideas for the competition.

It totally blew our minds that we won! Tiffany & Co liked every group’s ideas but in the end chose to go with our proposal. So, we went forth and did an actualization of our ideas, and some of our group mates (me included) went to be a part of the real-life staff training for the Paper Flowers Collection. 

It was way more fun that I imagined it to be. Everybody was enthusiastic and eager to do the activities according to our instructions. The training space itself was physically reflective of the new collection’s vibes. 

A week after this, my team literally had a breakfast at Tiffany’s. Well, it was breakfast at Tiong Bahru bakery that was all decked out in Tiffany blue and Paper Flowers decoration as a part of the offline campaign of the new collection launch in Singapore, but you know, the former sentence was catchier. 

International luxury brands look very untouchable to me as a student sometimes, in comparison to start up or local brands who are more open for collaborations with students. Because of this, I was impressed and very grateful that Tiffany & Co’ gave us a chance to see the beyond the collection and campaign, no matter how small is the gap of that door they let us see through. 

I learnt a lot from seeing Tiffany & Co’s efforts in equipping the staff with the knowledge of the new collection and ways to better serve the new younger target market. I was also very happy to be see how the company materialise the vibe of the new collection with the online and offline campaign. I definitely had a unique experience. 

Hanna Bella