Rising Fashion - indonesian designers showcase and pop-up in Singapore


Digital Fashion Week teamed up with Indonesia’s creative economy agency (BEKRAF) and Indonesian embassy in Singapore to make the second edition of Rising Fashion. 

Rising Fashion is an event that celebrates the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Singapore through fashion. Rising Fashion brought 14 Indonesian brands to dip their toes in Singapore market with a month-long pop-up. Opening on August 1st, there was a mini fashion show  and intimate shopping and chatting with the designers who came to Singapore.


The Indonesian brands who were curated to showcase in Singapore are Alex(A)lexa, Bermock, Dtale, Diniira, Danjyo Hiyoji, Hunting Fields, Jeffry Tan, Maison Met, NataOka, Oaksva Jewellery, Pattent Goods, Purana, Saul and Woodka. The curation of the brands were done intentionally with a goal to have representation of the diverse fashion options in Indonesia. Every brand had its own unique DNA and each hoped to woo some Singaporean buyers. 

As the pop-up space was only able to hold seven designers at a time, there was a rotation for the brands and different events throughout the month in the pop-up space. I volunteered for a couple of the events throughout August as I saw it as an opportunity to meet the Indonesian designers.

I was a fashion marketing communications volunteer, I helped with logistics as well. I also took up the role of being one of the social media content shooters for the events. 


The fashion show happening in the store was to showcase the featured designers. Each look on the model are comprised of different items from different brands. Then, when the models walked around the store space, each brand is introduced orally. 


Other than Danjyo Hiyoji and Jeffry Tan, all the brands were new to me. It was interesting to get to know these other brands and conversing with people behind them. 

I learned how Purana designed their clothes with Indonesian ethnic aesthetics as well as size inclusivity in mind, which is why their designs come in one size and customisable to fit the body by means of a belt. 

Oaksva jewellery started as a college project that turned into real business. Oaksva incorporate real spices such as Chili and rice to their products!

Dtale is owned by a pair of sisters, one handles the business while one is in charge of the design side of the business. Their designs are contemporary and I liked them enough to get one for myself!

Knowing these fun facts from the designers themselves instead of from a website was a nice change from my usual habit of finding new designers from instagram. 

I have been volunteering for various events of Digital Fashion Week including last year’s fashion show in Indonesian Embassy to introduce Singaporean brands to Indonesian audience in Singapore. I love that the effort to cross promote the fashion brands between Indonesia and Singapore is continued. 


Hanna Bella