Getting fashion news while getting ready

As someone who is planning to have a career in fashion, I need to know what is trending and changing in the fastpaced fashion industry. Getting email subscriptions to get fashion news is really nice to do when I have internet on the commute or to be read before the lecturer takes attendance. I do that too. BUT, recently I found a really fun way to get fashion news: it's with PODCAST.

Podcast is almost like episodes of talk shows except only with the audio, and aired periodically but you listen to them on-demand. You can listen to them through Apple Podcast, Spotify, or sometimes Soundcloud as well. 

There are so many fashion podcasts but the one in particular I am highlighting is POP FASHION 


POP FASHION is my absolute favorite fashion podcast. Unlike other fashion podcasts that usually bring in guests from the fashion industry to talk about certain topics, POP FASHION  informs about recent fashion, retail, technology news as well as fashion crime in a fast paced, easy to understand format, with sometimes not so good but very funny transitions and i'll annoy you to death and you'll love it soundtracks for some sections of the show. 

Lisa and Karin, the hosts are really engaging, funny and most importantly, I can listen to it while I am assembling my clothes, putting on my make-up, eating my breakfast strawberries and cookies (no comments pls) and still follow the train of news and commentary. It's just *snaps snaps snaps* then I am more informed about the fashion world. If I want to read more, I will go to the daily digest of Business of Fashion or google the keywords and the longer versions would be available. 

Well, I am not the only one who likes this podcast. This podcast is named "best fashion podcasts" by Harpers Bazaar and Who What Wear

The things I can complain about this is that they mostly cover the fashion in the U.S but it makes sense given the hosts are from U.S and it's always so busy in the industry there so their spotlights are always for those events. The other and only complain is that they only upload once a week! 

So far, I enjoy the format and the hosts so much, I listen to the older episodes for the background when I am doing assignments or .. writing blog posts like this one. 

Here check out the latest episode for yourself : 

Or type Pop Fashion in the apple podcast app if you use iPhone

I recommend doing it in the morning, to get you more awake and more informed (in a fun way) 

go try. bye. 


Since I do listen to more fashion podcasts, I'll talk about more in the future, stay alive till then. K. Joking. Sorry. STAY TUNED. BYE. 

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