Me at UX design talk : Blank stares and a couple of "This is cool I can learn from this - I guess"

Earlier this semester, I attended two talks by General Assembly; One about User Experience Design and one about Digital Marketing. I thought both would be somewhat interesting or relevant as someone who wants to work in fashion industry which is innovation driven and has been proven to be fast in terms of adopting technology. Well, it could also lead me to a new, more specific career option in fashion industry, who knows right? . 

In the UX design talk, there were four speakers from companies of different nature, but their job as user experience design is of the same basic principle.

User Experience Design is design for processes. Design that focuses on the user and how they are involved in the processes of a website or an app experience or sometimes even inherently offline things such as bus / MRT usage. 

Working as a user experience designer means coming up with a problem about the processes and working to solve it with design. How useful! 

Each speaker talked about what skills they needed to get the job, and how they landed the job, followed by a Q&A session. They talked about their design process, and resource to use.  A lot of the terminologies such as “design researcher”, “information architect” and “proto-persona” went way over my head because I was a noob with limited knowledge of what UX design was.

Thought I would feel lost forever, I was surprised when they started talking about mapping out the journey of a user as a method for coming up with the design solution. I was taught to do the same to come up with strategies for my final marketing project!

Then in the Q&A here was someone who asked how could UX designer show credibility for their content in response to the suggestion that having an active online presence and content help gain exposure for their career. The answer, according to one the speaker, was to show the process of your UX creations, or if it’s text-based content, you can explore how you came to that conclusion. you are letting them know the logical flow that leads you to your final piece of statement, design, or “content”. 

I think that answer really sums up what my blog is for. In order to give credibility to the title “International fashion business student” and “fashion marketer”,  I am building this archive to let people see what I learn, do, went to, experience, fail, try to be better at, and all of these posts should let people see my skill from the final product but also from my process. 

As you may conclude by now, I did not take away as much UX design related info than just a reflection of what is going on in my life. 

Looking back, I was reckless in the way I did not thoroughly read who the talk was for and what would be the topics of the talks. I was expecting the talk to be easy to understand and that they would share what their projects have been like, with examples. 

In reality, the talk was meant for an audience, already knee deep in the knowledge of UX design.

From the talk, I realized UX design is practical and technological but with a lot of empathy and psychological understanding of how humans behave, which is interesting. However, judging from the experiences of the speakers, and again, how technical it was, (such as the use of coding for one) , I do not think I would be interested in a career in UX design, although, I can take away how they design around the end user's need and problem and apply it to the next time I am designing something. 



THIS IS IT. my 1 of 14 blog post challenge. As I am writing this, I can hear the toot toot of the train and I am really tired. 

 I mentioned that I went to a Digital Marketing talk. Would it be more beneficial to me? or still blank stares and foreign terminologies?

OHHH, I think the train is arriving at Hogwarts station guys.  Gotta tell you next time.


Hanna Bella