Dream jobs

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In 2015, a year before I graduate from high school, the principal of the school told the class to create a future journal, almost like a vision board but more detailed and in ppt form, so I did, and I still have it.

My presentation was the epitome of Pinterest look circa 2015, with overexposed pictures and flatlays and soft contrasting colors. In that, I express how I wanted to be a creative girlboss, I wanted to work either in publication. I want to work but eventually own a fashion brand with online and retail store. I also said as my long-long-long term goal that I want to open a branding agency, or a library or bookstore or cafe, or start an educational course for young creatives in Indonesia. These were very me back then, and unsurprisingly still true to myself now, although past me and present me look at the vision board quite differently. Past me were aware of my desires but not so much of the steps and the skills I had to develop to get there. I made the right step though, by choosing to study Fashion Marketing and Management which aligns with the vision.

From my time being a diploma student, I learnt to differentiate the modules I love and those I like less. This time I want to try to explore more of the things that I do like, and take some steps be it through project, volunteering or research so my dream job can turn to feasible career objectives instead.

Hanna Bella