Wish and tell


It has been a year since I wished with my eyes closed before blowing a candle. A lot has happened since then.

I have made many new friends,  attended events in which gave me a sense of belonging, gained skills I have always wanted and even met popular figures I had not expected. The universe even gifted such a sweet last sunset in 2017.

Came 2018, I was given the opportunity to be an intern at Benjamin Barker all the while finishing my final major project with my groupmates. 

Then in June, my beloved class graduated from an Advanced Diploma course in Fashion Marketing and Management.

In the months leading up to the graduation, my group often had to stay up late doing discussions and work even when we would have preferred not to see each other's face. There were even days where we were so tired, our eye bags did most of the talking. But we always showed up for each other and got the work done. I am so proud of that.

In the end, our journey in advanced diploma ended on such a nice note as our final project was awarded the best business marketing proposal.

About that night as well...

I have a rather blurry recollection of myself receiving high-fives from my classmates and seniors as I ran to the stage to receive the top student award. Even now, I am still processing how that had been the result of my two years of basically doing what I was passionate about. 

I don't exactly remember what it was but I have been both lucky and hardworking enough to have gotten more than what I wished.

This year I just want to be able to keep doing what I love and have good times with my friends and family when possible. 

I want to be able to seize opportunities to be more involved and get to know people in the fashion industry in Singapore and maybe get out of my comfort zone a little bit more. 

The next time I am here, tell me a good story. 


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