Styling for The Fashion Pulpit


In the last week of the semester, the whole class went to The Fashion Pulpit at Liang Court.

The Fashion Pulpit is a space for people who both love fashion and sustainability. It is essentially a secondhand shop and clothing swap place but it is also a space for workshop and collaborations.

The class was group to teams and we were tasked to do styling and creative instagram posts for @thefashionpulpit

I was teamed with my best friends, Claudia, Eng Tong, and Siska. Each team had different approach, ours were more keen to do styling than flatlay.

We had so much fun styling, taking pictures and finally editing. You can see one of our pictures @thefashionpulpit.

We were informed the one with most likes win. So far, I see our team had the highest likes but no news came from it. Nevertheless, it was a fun challenge to end the semester

Hanna Bella