Six months into the bachelor degree, and what's next

Almost six months has passed since I transferred from being an advanced diploma student to an undergraduate student.

The amount of time outside of school that needs to be dedicated to the school feels different. Longer. I can not hang out in the library as much as I want to. Nor can I do or be a part of things outside of school. Had I known, I would do more things in my diploma years.

However, in the last six months, I have been so busy and so happy. The schools schedule kept me seeing my friends from school often, and to do school work with them often as well. That made me closer to them and I think of it as my gift in 2018: deeper friendship.

I also wish I still have classes where I am still absorbing information straight from the lecturer instead of research because that was easier. But easier doesn’t mean right. Easier things don’t promise growth.

So here we are, weary to finish the semester, have a nice rest of the year and hopefully come back with brighter soul and working planner.

I know what I am expected to do, at least a huge part of it, in the next six months. But, it’s the next six months after that that still feels like looking at the murky water.

In 2015, I was expected to present in front of my class, what I wanted to be in 5, 10, 15 years. I guess I should start there. I said I wanted to be a fashion entrepreneur, and I still do. Am I closer to being it, YES. Do I know the next step? Technically I have some options.

First, it would be to find a job in Singapore, preferably a small company where I can be involved, or a big company where I can experience a company culture. My ideal role in the small company would be a fashion business strategist (Style Theory maybe, or go back to my internship place Benjamin Barker) and marketing associate at the bigger company such as Pomelo fashion.

Second, I can find a job in Jakarta. The idea of commuting exhausts me, but having connections and entering the local fashion industry is going to be beneficial. My ideal job would be to help with the business and marketing of Love and Flair (online multi-brand store) or their inhouse brand Front Row the Label, or And Other Days. Other than that, I want to work for local brands.

Third, I can realise the FFI project to become real brand, with my parents as investor

Fourth, I can work for my family’s business to see how they do business, and modernise it. This is what my parents expect of me, which I don’t blame them for doing, but I am less interested

Fifth, least likely but most dreamy, I can try to find internship in other country and then find a job there, preferably U.S.A,

Next, I will be exploring what does it take to be taking on those roles I mention, and find out more about companies I can apply to (better have way more preferences than what I have now)

Have a nice rest of 2018,

Jk, I won’t let you off that fast.

I’ll see you soon

Hanna Bella