SEMASA (Future Fashion Innovator Business Plan)

The idea of my brand, SEMASA, came from my affinity of minimal design, as well as the opportunity in my hometown, as the majority of the womenswear brands are outdated and overpriced.

Below is the idea/vibe or my brand. I want it to be relaxed, minimal , subtly feminine

image belong to their owners

image belong to their owners

SEMASA is a ready-to-wear brand, locally designed and made in Indonesia. SEMASA, is an Indonesian word that can be translated as “A period of time when..” It is familiar, yet not overused, and often said with a wisp of gentle fondness of a memory.

SEMASA is an online brand, therefore has strong digital presence, but it wants to engage to local female community in Surakarta and the neighboring cities through bazaar, workshops and other activities.

The brand strives to lead the local fashion scene and empower women with the ability to dress modernly, minimally feminine.

The report is of course more detailed and in there, I would say that I was able to communicate what SEMASA is supposed to be in my mind, and how it is going to operate for the first year of its operation.

Creating this business plan truly made me gain real information about making a fashion business in Indonesia and even with the stress, this was one of my favorite module.

Hanna Bella