Reflecting on the class' event this semester

Our class behind Xhibit installation at DFW Store at NomadX

Our class behind Xhibit installation at DFW Store at NomadX

This semester, our class was tasked to create an event idea and carry it out.

This was something I was a little anxious of, as the last time I had a module where I needed to create a fashion show, I had a brea down. At the same time, I have always liked going to fashion events, and in the future, for my career, there might be some times when I need to carry out events like this one, so it would be an invaluable experience.

In the end, it ended up being something that I dreaded but also an invaluable experience.

Our event is called Xhibit.

Xhibit is an interactive installation made to celebrate the streetwear retail store by Digital Fashion Week. It takes place in NomadX at Plaza Singapura, and lasts from end of November 2018 to February 2019. The event launch happened on 29 November.

The installation is inspired by nostalgia for old technology and the idea of an artist’s workshop (create your own art!)

In the event launch, we planned to have a street artist, Song, to do live painting t-shirt customization and, and we planned to serve food and beverage.

Working with real deadlines, guests, budget and industry partner such as Digital Fashion Week was a big deal and so naturally, it stressed me out.

I was afraid we did not set up in time, also afraid nobody will turn up, afraid the KOLs invited are disappointed in the event, just low key anxious for the first two months, and then high key anxious in the last week leading up to the event.

The event went okay!!! We set up without a problem we could not handle, More people than we anticipated came. Funnily enough, it was the KOLs who were more interested in really hearing what we had to say and share compared to the strangers who visited the store.

It felt like I couldn’t breathe until the very moment we took a picture as a class.

I had the most peaceful sleep of the semester it felt like that night after the event.

Is event planning about the planning itself or is it so much more about being ready to change and manage stress/hiccups? Maybe both.

I am blown away by the design team and I am thankful for the work of the production and the willingness to fill up roles from financial team.

Most of all though, I am extremely grateful of my marketing team mates who were hardworking, open minded, creative and understanding throughout the whole process.

If I could change one thing it would be to explore more ideas that the marketing team could come up with

Because the installation lasts until February, our job is not done yet. Things need to be planned and get done, and we are in this together.

the marketing team: Siska, Natasja, Hanna (myself) and Fon!

the marketing team: Siska, Natasja, Hanna (myself) and Fon!

If you’re reading this and wondering how the event looks like, you can head here,

or you can straight up go check out our installation at DFW Store at Nomad X in the third floor of Plaza Singapura. You can win a thrasher t-shirt and shopping voucher when you post a picture of yourself in the store and post it on instagram with #XhibitYou #RafflesXhibit018 #DFWStore

Had to throw it in there, since, you know, I am indeed in the marketing team. Good luck and see you.

Hanna Bella