A menswear campaign marketing competition

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Last semester, the International Fashion Business department had an internal competition in collaboration with a Singaporean menswear brand. The brand was classic and has a long heritage in Singapore. Because they were trying to reach to new customers, the approached Raffles’ fashion design and fashion business departments.

The fashion design students were tasked to create new shirt design while us the fashion business student were tasked to create 6 week marketing campaign proposal.

I was in a team with my classmates Audrey, Gabriel and Rose. I had some experience with menswear branding because of my internship at another Singaporean menswear brand, Benjamin Barker.

In the process of researching and creating the campaign, I found that a lot of the time, it is actually pretty straightforward, to market formal clothing to men, but they have to have an air of sophistication or pride or coolness, not unlike how womenswear are often marketed with “glamour”

Our proposal was centered around the value that both Raffles and this menswear company has, which are an appreciation for quality and details. Using content marketing and story telling as focus of the campaign, we proposed a moderately low budgeted proposal that won!

It was a shock as I was pretty sure the other teams did very well, but the representative from the company said my proposal was built on the marketing strategies they already used, which made it viable, and showed good research and understanding of the brand value, which made the team felt so proud.

We are now trying to realise some of our proposed ideas into actual collaterals. This is surely a surprise and one more thing added to our plate, but the bright side is it’s an opportunity to work with a real brand, and it will help with my credibility.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Praying for creative juices and the mindset to see the positive side of this,


Hanna Bella