Lost a competition: let's keep cruising

Yes, I borrowed the line from Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.

But I keep cruising

Can’t stop won’t stop moving

It’s like I’ve got this music in my mind

Saying it’s gonna be alright

I really did shake off the fact that I lost this particular competition when I saw the winner’s work.

So, in the holiday before this semester, a couple of my friends and I decided to join a competition to come up with a cruise ship idea for a known cruising company. It was so out of my comfort zone but at the same time, not too impossible so I gave it a shot.

I decided on an idea that is close to my heart, which is something to do with Netflix. I proposed to lure the people who are more nerdy but cool and likes to stay home to go on a cruise. Inspired by vidcon and disneyland hotel and amusement park. Key activities include premieres of new seasons of Netflix shows shown in the big conference room and outdoor pool cinema, trivia night, cosplay night, mixology classes for alcoholic drinks inspired by the shows, personalised themed toiletries and personal photo challenges for merchandises, and netflix shows inspired dining / lounging areas,

I genuinely really liked the idea, but I was acutely aware of how not good I was in illustrating the idea with original visuals And as I predicted, my entry with stick figures illustration did not win.

A chunk of time passed until the winner is announced. The winning entry has ASTONISHING visual and a clear expertise in 3D mock-up design. It did not hurt at all to win to this kind of entry. It was clear they value design as much as the marketing ideas and I was only quite ok with the latter part.

I think I could’ve teamed up with design student with more experience in 3D mockup design (I don’t even really know what they call those).

I think I should’ve known that cruise design was something I was not expert at, but to be honest, I am glad I joined just because it made me go back to my past daydreams of having private plane and buses, and decorated them as I pleased. 

Hanna Bella