Wrap-up of fashion and retail related events (Oct - Dec 2018)

Looking back to the many dots on my calendar, I am very grateful for all the events that I had the chance to attend this semester! Let’s look back to them and see which one stood out among the rest shall we?

Public Garden

I attended on 29 September

Public Garden is a consumer trade show for goods such as fashion, accessories, homeware, stationery, and skincare. Their tenants are only from Singapore but also neighboring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

They held this type of trade show a few times a year, the next one being this weekend, 8 - 9 December 2018, at the same place and they usually get high traffic.

I was giddy walking through the crowd, conversing with the owners of the brands. The trade show felt very vibrant and creative. I am glad I went back faster from my holiday for this.

Chanel Le Rouge Pop-up


I attended with my class as a field trip on 19 October

Chanel has opened many kinds of pop-up over the years and this one is the weakest yet. There was a lot of repetition in the displays, and the make-up station, and even in the installation. It was pretty clear that they wanted people to be able to try on their make-up but also realise that this pop-up was celebrating the red bottled Chanel No.5 perfume, but compared to the Chanel Cafe and Chanel Arcade, this was less engaging.

Hermès Carre Club


I attended with my friends, twice on 19 and 20 October

I had never been to a Hermes store or pop-up before so this was something delightful and new. Transforming a colonial house near Orchard, Hermes invited everybody to have fun in celebration of their new line of scarfs.

They have an array of activities and shuttle for to pick up and drop you off at the house.

Their communication was really strong, as each activity had an element that helps us recall about the new collection.

Green Is The New Black


I attended on 4 November

It was my mine and my friend’s Siska first taste of the famous conscious festival in Singapore.

We were greeted by lovely ladies who encourages us to try plant based glitter. It did not occur to me that the usual glitter is made by plastic therefore unsustainable, and that was interesting and eye opening. The rest of the time was the same: interesting and eye opening. We went around the marketplace and found things like period cup, shampoo bar, metal straws, and organic pillows. It was really a lifestyle marketplace but we did not buy anything except food and drink.

I think it would have been more beneficial if we had booked for the talks instead of just going through the marketplace because I think it would be more meaningful to have the knowledge and willingness to go green before facing the choices of alternatives that we can buy and incorporare to our daily lives.

Boutiques Fair


I attended on 10 November

Boutiques Fair is a huge pop-up market for local businesses in Singapore .

I was somewhat very detached and not interested in trying the products or even engaging with the booth owners in this one, which was a surprise since they had brands I am curious of such as Our Second Nature, Whole9Yards, and Matter Prints. I did like looking around and see how different each booth represents themselves in the space, but the price points of most of the things were not what I was willing to pay for.


I attended on 17 November

This was by far the event with the most cryptic and flowery description as it is centered around the five senses. The designs for the marketing collaterals were magical, they reminds me of circus but also of stained glasses of church. There were brands that I recognised such as Oo La lab and Mamonde being a part of it so I thought it would be interesting to check out.

I was in and out of Funan, where it was held, sooo fast.

The displays of the brands were quite nice, but there was no communication of what I was supposed to be looking, doing, understanding. It was just awkward. I saw how they engage the influencers and felt like they could’ve engaged the visitors with the same level of effort.

The only highlight was that I got to take some bubble maker. I still have one tube in my backpack. It reminded me to be more carefree when I was blowing it outside of the event space., at least.

So, from all of these, which one stood out? ((drum roooolllll))

Hèrmes Carre Club !

Are you kidding? It was the most fun I had in a pop-up event!

Here are the list of things we were able to do :

  • Check in and go into queue and get a text notification for our turn with a member card

  • Take gifs with friends wearing the scarf!

  • Have an instant tattoo

  • Check out the new collection, displayed beautifully in a room (the real products) as well as throughout the house as it was DECKED out in the scarf design, from floor to wall to Karaoke song choices, and it never felt like they were trying hard to sell me something.

  • Like i’ve mentioned, Karaoke, or as they call it Carre Ok! I LOVED IT VERY MUCH. I was impressed by how they made the karaoke rooms happen, and that you don’t pick a song by a title, pfft, that’s too boring, you pick a song by a scarf design! I went twice to the events and on both days I did the karaoke.

  • Rock on the disco floor. I love the colors and the shimmering wall of the disco place but everybody was too self conscious to dance! Still, it was a good room.

  • Skater bois show outside of the house. So cool. That’s it.

  • Dine and drink in their cafe

  • Play in their arcade

  • Listen to the Carre diaries through old school phone. I love this! It reminded me of the time when I was in elementary school and I used to use the public phone, insert a coin and listen to stories when it’s break time. It’s the same except the voices are women with nice accents and the stories are about the silk scarf haha

  • Get your hair and nails done.My friends and I tried getting the bob hair of different colors and I must say, I was amused and tickled by the result, as I looked like Yayoi Kusama’s protegee in the red wig.

  • See artists design a scarf

  • Get a caricature drawn of yourself

  • Get shuttle from and to Plaza Singapura or Hermes at Orchard. No worrying about not getting there. They take care of you!

The people who work in the pop up are young and all suspiciously good looking as well. Clad in the Carre Club t-shirts or Hermes Silk Jumpsuits, they embody the image of a fun and young Hermes.

I loved the activities as much as I loved analysing the event as a fashion business student and so this event stood out so much. But when it comes to the event in which I spent most money in, it was undoubtedly Public Garden because the products and price points match my preference.

I am looking forward to having more experiences, and discovering new brands next semester. I’ll report back to you!

Hanna Bella