Street Fashionation : attending a local fashion show in my hometown


When I go home to Solo, I try to seek out some bazaars or fashion events in my hometown to just see what is going on and popular. This time it was different. as there was a fashion show every day for five days in a fashion bazaar called Street Fashionation.


I only attended one of the days of the bazaar. It turns out that this event is organised in collaboration to feature the fashion from Solo and the surrounding area in the bazaar as well as celebrating the graduating students from a local modeling academy.

The collections shown on the runway are local ready-to-wear labels and some of fashion designers, all of them highlighting Indonesian textile pattern and showing modest fashion.

I really like the colors that they use in the clothes because they are VERY Indonesian. The clothes are not groundbreaking in concept, but instead, very wearable. I can see some local public figures hosting shows in these outfits.


Compared to the fashion shows I have attended or volunteered for in Singapore, it was different to see the go-to poses taught by the agency to show in the runway. They stayed away from the sensual pop of the hip, and looking over the shoulders, and instead they use hand positions to direct people’s attentions or just simply doing a traditional pose of gathering the hand in the front (on top of the belly button). This pose is polite and often seen elegant traditionally.

I notice a trend in make-up in Indonesia, especially for shows and wedding, where the eyebrows are astonishingly defined, with perfect arch, with the use of long lashes and colored lenses to make the eyes bigger. The foundation is full coverage, matte and obvious. It’s as if make-up artists instead of play with colors, they want the models to have features of dolls. I don’t know if I like it, but seeing how often this make-up style is shown by people from Indonesia, I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon.

Aside from that…

The fact that there was a fashion show that was not for bridal wear was exciting let alone having actual young local fashion designers getting a platform to show their collections was a sign that the fashion in my city is growing.

I mentioned the bridal wear is because the usual fashion shows in my hometown I was ever aware either for bridal gowns or batik, or sometimes cheongsam for Chinese New Year competitions

I think they know that their unique selling point when competing with international or bigger brand is that they fill the gap for occasion wear where people in the earea usually resort to wearing traditional or ethnic clothes.

I wish the designers the best and hope there are better fashion shows coming (preferably with way better lighting :P )

Hanna Bella